The action of converting the ideas in your head to an inspiring design on a site can be daunting for someone who is new to the whole process. The outline below intends to provide you with an introduction to what the design process can entail.

Of course, each project is unique and we can tailor our service to suit your requirements and budget.

schematic design

This is the first stage of the design process and is where your ideas (be they written down, in your head or torn out of magazines or websites) are discussed and distilled into a sketch design.

Depending on how much work you have done up front, it can involve selection of a site, development of your brief (aka list of requirements), assisting in determining your budget, determination of local shire constraints and will take into account design parameters including budget, local council regulations , climate, topography, usage patterns and so forth.

We may present a number of options for your consideration and use sketches in plan and elevation, section and 3D views to explain the design. We often use cardboard and balsawood models for exploring spatial arrangements.

design development

Here the sketch design is refined to finalise the 'look' of the building and how it will be constructed. It involves resolving with you, the detailed exterior and interior layouts and the  materials and finishes to be incorporated (and options available).

We will also engage other consultants such as a structural or hydraulic engineers, on your behalf at this stage.

Once you are happy with the developed design, we will prepare a submission to the local council for development approval if this is required and assist in lodging it on your behalf. 


In this stage, the approved design is converted to a series of technical drawings and a written specification to enable builders to precisely cost the project and also for construction purposes.

These drawings and specification will also be needed to apply for your building permit. We will assist you in determining the best way of getting your building constructed, be it by tender, through a preferred builder or owner- builder and tailor the documentation to suit the selected method.

contract administration

Once a builder has been selected and a contract between yourselves and the builder signed and construction commenced, we oversee the contract on your behalf, including regular site visits, answering builders questions on the documentation and resolving problems, the assessment of the builders monthly progress claims and generally ensuring that the building is built in accordance with the agreed design and price.